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Yoga thailand


Complete Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Go through your calendar to have a clear list of Agama Yoga Courses, Retreats, Workshops and Teacher Training Courses.


Drop-in Hatha Yoga classes are scheduled for 8:30am and 16:00 daily


Agama is truly a true spiritual university that focuses on the use of retreats, workshops and courses to bring the authentic roots of Yoga to life. For those willing to follow Evolution, Agama is the perfect path for you.

We are teachers! We are uniters! We incorporate the modern and new age philosophy with ancient spiritual philosophy. We are the symbol of authentic Yogic experience. We are an embodiment of health and vitality designed into a true spiritual university. We offer the new-age Yogi a place to intensify their practice while tapping from the authentic Yoga systems.

We assist students who wish to develop clarity and spiritual refinement thus encouraging the balanced living approach. We provide aspiring students looking to live their lives to the fullest with the blueprint for self-awakening. This is because Agama is of the opinion that every individual deserves to be fully equipped with the necessary tools to live their lives to the fullest even when they get off the yoga mat.


There are so many people that have completed the Agama signature level 1 Yoga intensive 150-hour course that is like an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga theory and encourages home practice. You’re welcome to come find your growth with us.

All new students begin with the level 1 Yoga intensive that lasts for about one month. During this month, the theory and practice of Hatha Yoga will be combined and this is something that is not restricted to physical postures- asanas-, providing a guide for: chakras – the centers of energy activation within your body, the breathing – pranayama – technique incorporation, meditation and of course, an immersion into a total yogic philosophy popularly referred to a the Agama Yoga System when combined.

Teacher Training Programs:

Focusing on yoga as a practitioner. We partner with the most highly rated trainers, practitioners and facilitators which cuts across a variety of niches to offer numerous Teacher Training options that can offer you enough experience to go to any part of the world and deliver Yoga.



This 5-week course teaches the complete Hatha Yoga system, which empowers you to stand out as a yoga teacher in any part of the world.

With this certification, you are qualified to teach yoga in any part of the world.

You can become a successful modern yoga instructor by acquiring a complete tool-kit.

Agama is happy to include the 200-hour yoga Teacher Training Course t our lineup

This course will provide you with all you need physically and mentally to teach the Hatha Yoga system in a modern style.

yoga thailand

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