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Yoga Teacher Training

Come Join Us At The Akasha Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand & Bali – Namaste

yoga teacher training

If you are looking for a meaningful way to contribute to our society and are ready to take Yoga to the next level, come join us! It’s time to step up and share your passion for Yoga with your community and your friends.

Akasha Yoga will give you surroundings for an indispensable evolution and we are inviting you to take a journey with us to the classical roots of Yoga. Through good self-practice, substantial anatomical, philosophical and spiritual understanding, and a passion, we know these are the keys to becoming a successful yoga instructor.

Our comprehensive course of studies that consist of 200 hours is approved by the International Yoga Alliance. Our Teacher Training is a sincere invitation to take your passion and turn it into a meaningful profession.

What You Can Expect To Get:

The foundation of our teachings is energy-based classical Hatha Yoga along with Kundalini Yoga, spiritual heart meditation, and the non-dual wisdom of Advaita Vedanta. We strive to bring mind and heart together to bring rational understand with intensive practice. We want to produce and develop present moment awareness. We are built on inspiration, passion, authenticity, and enthusiasm.

What Is Special About Our Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand, and Ubud Bali?

We provide key elements that will empower you to become a successful yoga instructor. You will receive the excellent qualities needed to be an amazing teacher including steadfastness of practice, comprehensive knowledge of yoga techniques, the skills in correction and adjustments, a solid understanding of yoga philosophy, and excellent leadership skills. We have a very high conversion rate of graduates who start teaching directly after completing our course.

What You Will Be Taught:

Our Training runs over a 4-week period. The hours are Monday through Saturday from 07:00 to 19:00. The day usually starts off with meditation and Hatha Yoga practice which is followed by breakfast and then the morning theory block. During the lunch break, you are given the opportunity to rest and study. The afternoon sessions contain a second theory block and another practice session.

The first half of training builds up a solid foundation of practice and theory while the second half targets on the development of your teaching skills.

The Location:

We have two beautiful tropical islands located in Southeast Asia to give you the best surroundings for your Yoga Teacher Training. Both Koh Phangan, Thailand and Ubud Bali, Indonesia are surrounding by lush jungle mountains, amazing waterfalls, and a beautiful pristine ocean with coral reefs.

You will be surrounded by an amazing mixture of welcoming locals and a growing international yoga community. You will be welcomed by wonderful cultures and natural beauty along with the convenience of a wonderfully developed modern infrastructure.

Both of our locations have a wonderful exotic flavor that is profoundly and spiritually rooted and influenced in their societies.

Spending an entire month in such inspirational surroundings is transforming all unto itself. Your potential for incredible growth will be personified by getting away from your normal environment. By leaving your familiar surroundings and belongings, you will dare to open up to so many excellent possibilities.

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