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Life is like an ocean, pushing and pulling you with different currents. We believe that the ups and downs of the waves of life invite you to create your own unique dance. Everyone dances to their own tune and we at Sea Dance Beach Resort provide a place where you can explore all the steps, express your own music, and simply relax with the natural music of the surf on Koh Samui private beaches and the breezes bringing you the sweet scents of tropical flowers.

The History of Sea Dance

Poy Boonchan, restaurant owner, discovered the tropical beauty and the invigorating essence of Koh Samui and built a summer home here with his partner, and escape from city living in Dubai. The unique blend of tropical forests, secluded beaches, and a welcoming populace led him to choose this spot as the perfect location for a resort. His goal is to introduce people from around the world to the beauty and rejuvenating vibe of this tropical paradise. Initially, only family and friends were able to experience his vision, but now the Koh Samui boutique beach resort welcomes visitors from everywhere. Multiple accommodations styles are available including the exquisite bungalows featuring thatched roofs, gardens, and private pool near Hanuman Bay, Bophut.


Get Married at Koh Samui, Thailand

The ultimate destination wedding package is available for 79,000 THB.

We also offer bamboo canopy and chairs, and glorious tropical floral display and petals to scatter on the aisle.

A special offer for newlyweds and other happy couples includes a private dinner on the beach.

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The Sea Almond Bar

Marvel at all the colors in the sunset as you relax in the evening with a delicious drink and some of the best music on the island. We offer a different cocktail of the day each week, many other options at the bar, and sundowner specials to enjoy for less. Pick up beach lounge chair or cozy up to the bar with more of Sea Dance’s guests.

Activities and Experiences

Take a Shopping Trip

Explore everything there is to see at the many stores and markets in Samui. For a taste of true Thai goods and an outstanding shopping experience, visits the smaller markets and boutiques. Be prepared to haggle for the best prices. It’s all part of the fun. No matter what type of goods you desire, you will find it here.


Cook With Us

Step into the kitchen with Chef Navaphan and learn about Thai cuisine as he explains the popular ingredients and seasonings used in the tasty dishes. You will soon be able to create your own meals with recipes native to this beautiful land.

Visits Other Islands Too

We offer sightseeing tours of the Gulf of Thailand with its breathtaking scenery. You will get to view a large stretch of the coastline, tropical flora and fauna, and a unique saltwater lake as green as an emerald.

Take to the Water With a Kayak


Residents of Koh Samui and visitors alike find kayaking to be one of their favorite water sports. Skim over the crystal waters, visit secluded beach spots, and explore small islands and private coves.


Explore Under the Waves on a Snorkeling Adventure


Visit the peaceful realm under the surface of the sea and experience the unique underwater vistas and sea life found around this island. As long as you can swim, you can snorkel, and find the peace and freedom of being parts of the terrestrial and aquatic worlds at once.


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