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float tank brisbane



Pure Gain – Acupuncture, Massage & Float tank therapy Brisbane
What are treatments offer is a pure gain. We restore your health and give you peace of mind as much as you need it. We want you to be hale and hearty, responsive and live a life free from all forms of discomforts. Both acupuncture and massages have been the traditional healing methods for centuries, and many people seek these treatments because they are useful. Floating therapy is a new service that we’ve added to our broad range of services, and it provides excellent to your body and mind. With 25 years of experience, we help you live healthily and restore peace to your mind. It is a big privilege to help you live a healthy life and enjoy wellness.


Acupuncture Brisbane
The merits of Acupuncture
We use clean needles and updated techniques to provide a pain-free and effective treatment. Our treatments are perfect for your body even if you have a great phobia for needles. We use tools that won’t hurt to treat children and provide the best treatment without any issues. The use of heat at some unique acupuncture points gives an enjoyable and satisfying procedure. Cupping is also included in the treatment

Acupuncture helps regulate the energetic circuitry of the body. The acupuncturist is well trained and able to balance energetic irregularities, release blockage and have a positive impact on all levels of being, i.e., the musculoskeletal, physiological and mental levels.
Massage Brisbane
We offer to you our professional 12 years of experience in remedial, sports, energetic and relaxation massage in Brisbane.
Our skilled therapist Rebecca works keenly and thoroughly to free your body from tightness without inducing more stress or tension in the process. Each treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual opting for the procedure. Her skilled knowledge give room for deep release through specialized techniques, and her sensitivity allows bodily release through unambiguous methods – she works directly with you to provide you with the best treatment ever.
Rebecca has a keen interest in suppressing tension around the neck and shoulder region as well as reducing back pain. She offers to pregnant women therapeutic and relaxation treatments – we make sure that the procedures don’t give you any problems. With her years of experience in massage therapy, Rebecca knows a lot about its potential and invites you to benefit from it.

Float tank Brisbane
What is floating?
It involves floating in a floatation tank containing about 30cm of highly concentrated magnesium sulfate solution. The tank’s temperature is kept at a constant skin temperature of 34.5C. Nerve endings covering the skin cannot perceive any separation between the skin and the silky mineral bath surrounding it. You float in peace or preferably with gentle and calm music. The floating environment is dark, but you can turn on the lights if you want.

Acupuncture Specialist
A qualified and well-recognized acupuncturist, David has been giving people hope and helping them stay healthy since 200, using acupuncture practices and manual therapies.

Massage Therapist
Rebecca has been in the business of treating people since 2004. She is passionate about the healing capability of a regular yoga practice cum massage, acupuncture, and floating

float tank brisbane

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