Jungle House #11 13.000b p/m Private Jungle Home

Sri Thanu House / semi Furnished for rent in secluded/quiet Jungle/Mountain area with 1 Bedroom, Combined Living room / Kitchen, Bathroom with Warm water...

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Koh Phangan Accommodation - Hotels & Resorts

Houses for rent in Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, weekly or monthly rentals.

If you are looking for a house to rent in Koh Phangan then consider the north west side of the island. The Sri Thanu area is popular amongst Yoga teachers and students and is focused on alternative healing and organic foods with vegetarian and vegan restaurants such as Evolution Yogi Cafe.

The viewpoint houses are located in the nature just 5mins drive from sri thanu beach. There is a communal viewpoint with an amazing panoramic sunset sea view, and a communal cave which used to be a monks temple, this is often used for meditation or music jamming sessions.

There is also a hidden waterfall just behind the property, which is ideal during and just after rainy season (oct - jan)

If you like Yoga then visit the Yoga Retreat or Agama yoga and for Detox go to Ananda resort.


Phangan Island:

Phangan offers great activities during the day & evening; there are also many tours for the adventurous. Enjoy diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and boat excursions that will bring you to Ang Thong National Marine Park. Practice the martial art of Muay Thai or go on fishing trips, cultural tours and elephant riding. The Chinese Temple overlooking Chaloklum Bay is a beautiful, must see, its on the road between Thong Sala and Chaloklum. These are just a few of the many recreational activities awaiting your visit to Koh Phangan.

When you arrive to the island just be careful when renting motorbikes, try to rent an old looking bike and take note where the scratches are, even take photographs as many companies have been known to charge 10 or 20,000 baht just for a couple of scratches. The main problem is the sand on the roads, just dont accelerate or break when you see sand and you should be ok, and try to avoid driving to haad rin on a motorbike, the hills are very steep and around full moon time there are some dangerous drivers.

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Come Visit The Wonderful Koh Phangan Island in Thailand

Koh Phangan (or Ko Pha Ngan) is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, southeast Thailand, in Surat Thani Province. It's a popular vacation spot during certain months of the year. One of the best times to visit the island is from December through March when the waters are high and great for swimming. The temperature is pleasant and it's not a rainy season. If these months don't fit into your plans, July through September are good choices, the weather is dry and the waters are perfect.

All the beaches on the northwest side of the island are very low and not conducive for swimming during the months of April through June. Swimming, during these months is only possible on the northern coastal Bottle Beach and some lower end beaches on the east coast; Thong Nai Pan, Than Sadet and Haad Rin. Haad Rin Beach is famous for its Full Moon Parties and a great destination for backpackers.

Getting Around Koh Phangan:

Than Sadet - Koh Phangan National Park, is named after the river; Than Sadet means Royal River. The river offers the largest waterfall on the island which was famously visited by many Thai kings. It's not easy to get to this area via motorbike, due to its rugged, hard to maneuver roads. Down by the sea are various places to stay for the night if you are interested in visiting this area.

Viewpoints & Waterfalls:

While on this island, you must visit some of the beautiful waterfalls and lookouts. Domesila, considered one of the finest lookouts, is a 15 minute hike from Phaeng waterfall in Phaeng National Park, which is free to visit. Walk another 20 minutes from Phaeng to see another magnificent waterfall. Within walking distance from Bottle Beach, you can hike to a rocky viewpoint that offers an incredible view of the valley and the northeast part of the island. Hiking to the top will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Hikers also enjoy visiting Wat Khao Tam viewpoint, in Chaloklam, heading towards Haad Khom. The island offers many wonderful places for hikers and many waterfalls for tourists.


If you are looking for places to snorkel, you must visit Ko Ma off the north west coast. This is considered one of the very best places for snorkelling. Haad Khom Beach and Haad Yao are also ideal, but show caution, as the waters tend to be very shallow.

Scuba Diving:

Koh Phangan has some of the finest places for scuba diving for both beginners and seasoned divers alike. Beginners will enjoy easy diving off the beach while seasoned divers will enjoy tropical diving from an extended boat ride from the beach. The waters in this area are absolutely splendid with a magnificent range of fine, hard coral while swimming among tropical fish.

The most famous spot for diving is Sailrock sitting in the Gulf of Thailand. It's located between Koh Phangan and Ko Tao and has some of the finest wonders to explore. This area also has many wonderful sites to take in. Sailrock is the perfect diving spot for both beginners and seasoned divers alike.

Koh Phangan is becoming quite popular for its Ecstatic Dance events, on the north west of the island, read more: Tribal Fusion - Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan

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